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What is Center of Excellence services?

At Ammendumm, we have established a Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to driving digital transformation and fostering low code excellence within organizations. Our CoE brings together a team of experts with deep expertise in digital technologies, low-code platforms, and BPM (Business Process Management). We collaborate with businesses to develop strategies, provide guidance, and deliver transformative solutions that accelerate their journey toward innovation and success.

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Comprehensive IT services include

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    Strategic Consulting

    Our CoE serves as a strategic partner, providing consulting services to help organizations define their digital transformation vision, roadmap, and objectives. We analyze business landscape, identify areas for improvement, and recommend the right mix of technologies and methodologies to drive your digital transformation initiatives.

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    Low Code Enablement

    As advocates of low code platforms, we empower organizations to harness the full potential of these tools. Our CoE assists in setting up low code practices within your organization, including training programs, best practices, and governance frameworks.

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    Best Practices and Standards

    Our CoE stays at the forefront of industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in digital transformation and low code development. We establish standards and guidelines for solution design.

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    Innovation and R&D

    We foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within your organization. Our CoE explores emerging technologies, conducts research and development activities to enhance your digital solutions and stay ahead of the competition

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    Knowledge Sharing and Training

    We believe in knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Our CoE conducts training programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions to empower your teams with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in digital transformation.

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    Center of Excellence Services

    Our CoE offers a range of services tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. This includes solution architecture, best practices development, technology evaluation, project reviews, and performance optimization.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market

    Our services are tailored to expedite your time-to-market by leveraging low code platforms, enabling rapid application development and deployment.

  • Increased Agility and Flexibility

    We understand the importance of agility in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our services enable you to quickly adapt and respond to changing market demands, industry trends, and customer expectations.

  • Streamlined Business Processes

    Our expertise in BPM helps optimize your business processes, aligning with strategic objectives. We analyze your existing workflows, identify inefficiencies, and design streamlined processes that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.

  • Enhanced Customer Experiences

    Our services focus on understanding customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. By leveraging data insights and implementing customer-centric solutions, we help you create personalized experiences, and drive business growth.

  • Scalable and Future-Ready Solutions

    We develop scalable solutions. Our services leverage the power of low code platforms and cloud technologies, enabling seamless scalability and adaptability to changing business needs.

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