Overview: A prominent bank was facing challenges in its loan approval process, which was manual and paper-based. This led to lengthy processing times, high operational costs, and inconsistent customer experiences.


  1. Slow loan approval process due to manual document handling and multiple handoffs.
  2. Lack of real-time visibility into application status for both customers and bank employees.
  3. Difficulty in maintaining compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.
  4. Inefficient communication between departments involved in the loan approval process.

Solution: The bank adopted the Appian BPM platform to digitize and streamline its loan approval process.

  1. Automated workflows were created to route loan applications to the appropriate departments, eliminating manual handoffs.
  2. Real-time dashboards provided insights into the status of each application, improving transparency.
  3. Integration with external data sources and credit scoring systems enabled faster decision-making.
  4. Compliance rules were embedded into the workflows to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.


  1. Loan processing time reduced by 40%, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Operational costs decreased as manual tasks were automated, and errors were reduced.
  3. Compliance became more manageable, as the system ensured adherence to regulations.
  4. The bank gained a competitive edge by offering quicker and more transparent loan approvals.