Overview: A wealth management company faced challenges with slow and complex client onboarding processes, leading to dissatisfaction among clients and advisors.


  1. Lengthy Onboarding: Manual data collection and complex approval processes resulted in extended onboarding timelines.
  2. Inconsistent Data: Disparate systems led to inconsistent client data across different stages of onboarding.
  3. Lack of Collaboration: Limited collaboration between client relationship managers, compliance, and operations teams.

Solution: The company adopted Appian BPM to transform their client onboarding processes.

  1. Unified Onboarding: Appian streamlined end-to-end onboarding by creating automated workflows that spanned data collection, verification, approvals, and documentation.
  2. Data Integration: Integration with CRM systems and data repositories ensured consistent and accurate client information.
  3. Collaboration Portal: Appian provided a central platform for collaboration, enabling seamless communication between teams.
  4. Self-Service: Clients were given self-service tools to track their onboarding progress and provide necessary information.


  1. Accelerated Onboarding: Onboarding timeframes were significantly reduced, improving client satisfaction and retention.
  2. Data Accuracy: Consistent data across systems minimized errors and discrepancies, enhancing data quality.
  3. Better Collaboration: Teams worked cohesively, leading to faster issue resolution and smoother onboarding experiences.
  4. Client Empowerment: Self-service capabilities improved transparency and gave clients more control over the process.