Overview: A leading investment bank was facing challenges in its trade settlement processes due to manual and fragmented systems. The lack of automation was leading to errors, delays, and increased operational costs.


  • Manual and paper-based trade settlement processes resulted in errors and inefficiencies.
  • Lack of visibility across different departments and systems.
  • Difficulty in tracking and resolving exceptions.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements were becoming harder to manage.

Solution: The bank implemented Appian BPM to automate and streamline its trade settlement processes. The solution included:

  • Designing and automating workflows for trade validation, confirmation, and settlement.
  • Integration with existing systems to enable seamless data flow.
  • Implementing real-time exception tracking and resolution.
  • Building compliance checks and audit trails into the process.


  • Reduced settlement cycle times by 40%.
  • Minimized errors and exceptions, leading to a 30% decrease in operational costs.
  • Improved visibility and transparency across departments.
  • Enhanced compliance and regulatory adherence.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to faster and accurate settlement processes.